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The Clone is an eight year old girl who loves to read and write. She is also a very good artist, and has a very keen sense of humor. She loves to tease, and her main targets are usually her two older sisters.
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    The Clone Chronicles
    Journal of the Jojo Clone, an eight nine ten year old girl who also wants to start posting her thoughts online.


    HOORAY!!! I AM BACK!!! YAY! YIPPIE!!!!!(final good bye postT_T)

    HOORAY!! I'm finally back on the site! I think I might be moving soon T_T so sad! Good bye to all at blogger!T_T This is supposedly my last post on blogger... FOREVER!!! WAHHHH T_T!! I will be on AMoores from now on. A totally different domain! It's great, but so sad because I will miss you all silly and will always remember you all. You read my posts of Dragon Fable and Adventure Quest and I've been slacking on the news of new games by them and their sponsers. And they have a new game called Mech Quest. It has giant robots and a girl that likes ANIME!!! It is a very cool game that came before Adventure Quest and yes, before Dragon Fable. 5,000 years before Dragon Fable (tell the truth, it's only 4,995 so it's really 5,000 years before Adventure Quest not Dragon Fable, and it's the end of 3009 in Mech Quest, so just think what year it is in Dragon Fable and Adventure Quest and what it will be at 12 'o clock tonight! 8004 in Dragon Fable and 8009 in Adventure Quest. Then it will be 8005 and 8010!! And your ace game reporter watching the news, I don't know about where you are but here, we may have some snow for the New Year! Well... just a couple flakes, THAT COULD BECOME A HUGE BLIZZARD AND SAVE US FROM OUR DROUGHT!!! That would be wonderfull! Hehe... well I guess if you read my moms site for recipes or the latest news from the Sagunto Star which used to be a news paper in The Philippines but now it's a news site at AMoores and she will put a link to my site, which I will rename soon. A much better name than Clone Chronicles. T_T I still feel bad about leaving... well bye I guess.

    Monday, December 31, 2007; 10:41 PM | 0 Comments(s)