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The Clone is an eight year old girl who loves to read and write. She is also a very good artist, and has a very keen sense of humor. She loves to tease, and her main targets are usually her two older sisters.
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    The Clone Chronicles
    Journal of the Jojo Clone, an eight nine ten year old girl who also wants to start posting her thoughts online.


    About Pres. Lincoln - The Clone's Project

    I suppose being around older sisters who are constantly working on projects for school, the Clone is following their example. This is not a school project, she just wanted to write something down about a book she read about Abraham Lincoln and the capital. She wanted to type it herself, save it on a disk and email it to me at work so I can print it out for her. Here is what she wrote:

    America is where president Lincoln was president in the "Free States", which was northern of North Carolina (which is where I live.) North Carolina is still in the southern part of America. The Southern part of the country was called the "Slave States", in my father's terms of ways he says, "It's only states where they take people from Africa and make them slaves." And I agree with him. Because they treat African-American people wrong. They even used to sell them. This was happening in 1890- 1895.

    President Lincoln was nice to everybody, so they elected him president after loosing the last year to somebody who thought that the new states should be a bull to choose wither or not they want 'slaves', in their states. And that man ran for president again. And Lincoln ran against him, again. But this time Lincoln won.

    Then a few mouths or weeks or days later, he got ready for his first speech as president. The man that he ran against was there to hear the speech. He held Lincoln's hat for him while he gave his speech. He was a very tall man, with a very tall hat, so it was very easy to see from very down low, but that didn’t mean he was mean.

    He was a very nice man that wasn't mean to people while he was president and for his hole life. And he was famous because he stopped slavery.

    He died 100 years ago in Ford's Theater; John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln during a play that Lincoln went to watch with his wife. The president died the next morning. Lincoln was first president of the United States to be assassinated.

    The war ended April 9th , 1895, just since I left it out where I was talking about it.

    Tuesday, January 10, 2006; 9:48 AM | 0 Comments(s)