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The Clone is an eight year old girl who loves to read and write. She is also a very good artist, and has a very keen sense of humor. She loves to tease, and her main targets are usually her two older sisters.
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    The Clone Chronicles
    Journal of the Jojo Clone, an eight nine ten year old girl who also wants to start posting her thoughts online.



    I love taceeto's,
    But I love you more.
    You are my mother,
    Taceetos galore.
    You are the biggest
    taceeto ever had
    Who is loved,
    And love's in retern.
    -Amara Moore

    Blue,red,pink, and orange,
    They are very beautiful
    together in hot or stormy
    Allthough it rhymes with
    Blue is my favorate color
    -Amara Moore

    Sunday, June 11, 2006; 2:00 PM | 0 Comments(s)